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HOPS International LLC and its team of global Associate Partners are recognized world-class leaders in the design, development, and implementation of innovative Human Resources Development, Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Cultural and Operational Alignment, and Performance Improvement solutions to a variety of industries and organizations including public and private sector, and domestic and international.

Since 1996, Charlie and his team at HOPS International LLC have distilled a holistic consultative approach to organizational and leadership development and performance improvement solutions with more than 50+ years of successful achievements assisting Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations and both domestic and foreign governments at the highest levels.  As part of its Organizational and Leadership Development process, the HOPS International LLC Team will analyze your total organization and existing leadership and management practices through personalized consultation, custom assessments, diagnostic evaluations, focused data collection and feedback, structured workshop sessions, design of targeted improvement initiatives, resulting in a balanced blend of management and leadership development solutions and related implementation support.  Charlie and the HOPS International LLC Team have worked in multiple countries offering expert organizational development and training support solutions to both public and private sector professionals including United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sudan, Bangladesh, Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, France, and Canada.   HOPS International LLC has hundreds of current and past domestic and international clients including US Department of State, US Agency for International Development, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Career Source Central Florida, AXIOM Banks, The Goodman Group, Summit Broadband, Association of Builders & Contractors, and many more partner organizations.

Our personal partnership approach in designing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions ensure that we provide our clients with innovative yet cost-effective solutions that address those 21st century challenges that demand a more balanced approach in organizational and leadership actions that impact bottom-line performance.   Our holistic approach to Organizational and Leadership development ensures our clients are better prepared to deliberately respond to those challenges in meeting both strategic and operational business objectives in an ever increasing competitive environment. 
Our primary Mission is to provide our clients results-oriented integrated solutions that enable a balanced approach in creating truly high-performance organizations through a blended combination of managerial effectiveness, leadership influence, and cultural competency development.  Our primary goal is to provide our clients with results-oriented, sustainable solutions to the challenges of human and organizational performance improvement.


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