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Strategic Solutions

HOPS International LLC addresses the dilemma, situations, and challenges facing both management and employees today by effectively analyzing interpersonal, group, and organizational components as they impact individual and organizational performance.  Through innovative and up-to-date applications of organizational development and human resource improvement methodologies tested in multiple worldwide applications, HOPS International LLC and it’s team of experienced associates does more than just provide a mechanical approach to solving and improving your organization's bottom line performance - We create alignment and linkages from Vision to sustainable Results!

As a globally acclaimed organizational and leadership development team with major achievements in both the public and private sectors, HOPS International LLC provides a personalized consultative approach, from leadership to the front-line, to increase effectiveness and efficiency of performance by analyzing not only how employees perform their jobs, but why, what they think, and how they feel, thus humanizing relationships between  management and employees throughout all levels of the organization. 

Our approach is based on the following core practices model that we customize for each unique client:


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