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What Others Say About HOPS International
Following are some of the quotes taken from completed evaluation forms from a variety of training programs World-wide.
  • This was an excellent course, which was highly beneficial to me personally. It helped me develop my skills and strengthen my self-confidence. I feel this course was a practical course based on thorough research. I would highly recommend it to other Missions worldwide.

  • Everything about this course was excellent, from the material, presentation, interaction and the tutor. Charlie is extremely knowledgeable of how we do business in USAID; this contributed to the exceptional way he presented all the topics covered. The 1-on-1 sessions were also very helpful.

  • The instructor is passionate about his subject matter, and is energized in presentation, which is effectively imparted to participants. Very inspiring!

  • Charlie, you are such a great facilitator. I have attended more than 20 international workshops/training but you're exceptional. Your style complements my learning style. Keep up the good work.  Hope to work with you again.

  • Overall, it was a wonderful experience. There was a very good balance between theoretical knowledge and the pressure to apply that knowledge to the workplace. Mr. Walsh is familiar with USAID so he understood the kind of problems and concerns that came up. It was extremely helpful and challenging on a personal level, as Mr. Walsh asked us to look at our own responsibilities and our relationships with our colleagues and supervisors.  And finally, having people from the same mission take the course together means that we all know what the others learned. We should be able to work together more, as opposed to taking the course in another country with people one doesn't work with.

  • The instructor assisted me to have self confidence and be visionary; and opened up avenues that I either were assuming or thought shut. With this valid knowledge I am definitely going to implement a change in the team I lead.

  • Materials were well packaged and the instructor full of energy, knowledge, experienced and made the course a learning pleasure.

  • A brilliant instructor (no-one doses off before him!) .

  • This is the best course arranged by USAID/STATE I have ever attended.  Thank you for putting it together.

  • The topics of discussion were appropriate and relevant. The Instructor could apply case studies and questions to our environment. The instructor had also taken time to understand USAID.

  • This is the best learning workshop I have attended. Everyone was focused and energetic for the full 2 weeks. The materials and tools are very useful. I have already put this training to use - and have seen unpredicted improvements. More than I ever expected!

  • The instructor was superb - a candid presenter, who exudes with confidence. Money well spent!

  • This course renewed my commitment to my own responsibilities, renewed and underscored my desire to do my work very well, the best I can do.

  • Thank you, Charlie. You are a true leader and have been a fabulous mentor and coach. Keep in touch.

  • This is the best training program I have ever attended since joining USAID. I hope I will remain enthused. Thank you, Charlie.

  • A fantastic course, well worth it. Certainly helped me move forward in my personal growth.

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