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For more than 25 years, HOPS International has been helping companies in more than 10 countries perform better by building stronger cultures and organizational structure.


Here's what others have to say, who have experienced HOPS International's services.

Successful Work Team

"This was an excellent course, which was highly beneficial to me personally. It helped me develop my skills and strengthen my self-confidence. I feel this course was a practical course based on thorough research. I would highly recommend it to other Missions worldwide. "

"The instructor is passionate about his subject matter, and is energized in presentation, which is effectively imparted to participants. Very inspiring!"



Everything about this course was excellent, from the material, presentation, interaction and the tutor. Charlie is extremely knowledgeable of how we do business in USAID; this contributed to the exceptional way he presented all the topics covered. The 1-on-1 sessions were also very helpful.

"This course renewed my commitment to my own responsibilities, renewed and underscored my desire to do my work very well, the best I can do."

"This is the best learning workshop I have attended. Everyone was focused and energetic for the full 2 weeks. The materials and tools are very useful. I have already put this training to use - and have seen unpredicted improvements. More than I ever expected!"

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