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HOPS International provides a number of  workshop packages which can be conducted onsite to address a variety of internal and external-facing challenges for any business.


Duration: 1/2 Day

Max Participants: 18

Strategies for the 21st Century

Performance leadership is an innovative half-day seminar for organizations who are concerned about the future role of corporate leadership and it's impact on performance. We present new behaviors and practices that re-defines leadership as a key ingredient of exceptional organizational performance. We also examine worldwide trends, issues, and implications for leaders attempting to cope with the increasing challenges of a more competitive world marketplace. A personal Performance Leadership Profile provides participants with an assessment of individual leadership strengths and needs based on a new performance-driven learning model. Participants learn 5 innovative leadership strategies that encompass a total of 42 performance based leadership practices. An individual application planning guide helps participants develop an on-the-job leadership improvement strategy.


Duration: 1/2 Day

Max Participants: 24

Adventure Learning Lab

Exceptional Team Performance is a custom designed experiential learning laboratory for understanding and improving team performance.  Beginning with a pre-workshop assessment, we help teams learn how to create and maintain exceptional levels of interaction and performance.  Using a combination of tailored classroom activities, small group discussions, and discovery-based learning events, teams work together to identify and resolve specific workplace issues.  In addition, through a customized team performance profile, teams address 10 high performance team success strategies including:


  • Team Performance Objectives

  • Decision-Making/Problem Solving

  • Use of Skills

  • Role Clarity & Expectations

  • Rewards & Recognition

  • Team Values

  • Creativity

  • Diversity

  • Trust

  • Responsibility & Accountability

Teams develop prescriptive strategies for targeted on-the-job performance improvement.  Customized programs are available with Train-the-Trainer options.


Duration: 1 Day

Max Participants: 24

This unique modularized 8 hour skill development workshop is designed to help organizations develop a consistent performance based approach to achieving superior levels of customer service, internally and externally.  Customer Service Partnerships helps create a framework of personal commitment and focus for quality service as a vital function of the job and organizational performance.  Highly interactive, the workshop has been designed to improve individual and team customer service performance.


Participants will enhance their overall performance through the examination of critical customer service skills including:

  • Service Performance Behaviors

  • Service Attitudes

  • Service Communication

  • Building Service Partnerships

  • Maintaining Customer Loyalty

  • Team Service

Participants also complete a series of on-the-job application tools to assist in applying learned skills and techniques.


Duration: 3 Days

Max Participants: 15

Strategies for Survival

Dynamic Leadership is a 3-day skill based workshop designed to develop or otherwise enhance the skills, attitudes, and actions required to effectively lead others during challenging times or situations.  This workshop also provides a structured forum for intact management teams to exchange ideas, concerns, and viewpoints regarding current and future leadership issues.  Dynamic Leadership has been designed to instill a sense of personal responsibility, commitment, and accountability for effective leadership.  Specifically, this workshop helps participants create a personal mind set of leadership as a tool to improve morale, job performance, stress, and personal relationships.  The workshop incorporates the tools of discovery learning including group discussions, skill simulations, developmental role plays, case studies, and personalized learning journals.  Dynamic Leadership content also includes:  Leadership Foundation, Interpersonal Communication & Dialogue, Performance Leadership, Team Leadership, and leadership Endurance. 

Customized programs available with Train-the-Trainer option.


Duration: 3 Days

Max Participants: 15

This is a 3 day skills development workshop designed for managers operating primarily in a technical environment.  The workshop is highly interactive incorporating a combination of group discussions, individual assessments, small team exercises, case studies, role-plays, and problematic simulations.  Participants complete a Management Competency Profile that serves as a learning roadmap for the workshop.  Navigating the Management Highway is designed around 6 distinct learning modules:


  • Understanding Management

  • Effective Management Communication

  • Performance Leadership

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Situational Leadership

  • Application Planning

Learning modules may be conducted individually upon client requirements.  Customized programs are available with Train-the-Trainer option.


Duration: 1/2 Day

Max Participants: 24

Interpersonal Communication Workshop

Straight-Talk is a highly interactive 4 hour interpersonal dialogue improvement workshop.  It has been designed to provide employees at all levels with an understanding of how the interpersonal communication process is suppose to work in a high performance workplace.  This workshop is built around a unique interpersonal assessment instrument that focuses on an individual's behavior during the communication process.  Through lecturette, group discussion, situational role plays, and workplace examples participants will learn how to recognize and respond to differences in the interpersonal communication process that hinder individual and workplace performance.  Participants also complete on-the-job application tools to assist in applying learned skills from Straight-Talk.  Customization is available.